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How To Start Breeding Your Dog

How To Start Breeding Your Dog

This VideoJug film aims to teach you about dog breeding so you can go into it prepared. Although it takes a lot of time, commitment, and money, it can be highly rewarding.

Hi, I'm Jamie Crittall from Beech House Veterinary Centre in Surrey and I'm here to talk to you about dog breeding. Hi, I want to talk to you about becoming a dog breeder. If you have a male dog, it's unlikely that you'll want to breed from him unless you're doing it commercially.

But if you've got a bitch, and you think she's the most beautiful dog in the world, she's got the most wonderful temperament, you might consider having puppies from her. Breeding dogs can be hugely rewarding, thoroughly enjoyable and very educational but at the same time, it takes huge amounts of dedication, time, commitment, and money to make sure that it all goes very successfully. You need to make sure your bitch is healthy.

And that's not just because she looks lovely, but she needs to have a thorough examination from your vet to make sure that she is fit and healthy but also free from inheritable diseases such as hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia and certain eye diseases, and your vet can absolutely advise you on what you need to do in order to show that your bitch is fit and healthy to breed. To become a dog breeder, it takes a lot of planning and you need to make sure that it's absolutely right for you so do lots of reading, speak to your bitch's breeder, see whether she thinks your bitch might be suitable. Your local veterinary practice will be fantastic.

The vets and the veterinary nurses may have their own personal experiences and think, yes, this is absolutely right. From that, you need to be able to determine whether you've got enough time, can you afford to do this, can you actually find enough homes for all of the puppies and sometimes you can get huge litters. The larger the breed of the dog, classically, you get the larger the number of puppies being produced.

Anything from 12 to 14 and to my knowledge, the world record is 24 puppies for a mastiff. And it's down to you as the dog breeder to be absolutely certain you can find enough homes. If you feel confident that you can do that and you've got some commitment from some prospective dog owners, then how do you go about it? Well, you'll need to find a good stud dog and again your breeder will be able to help you with that, so will your vet.

Going online can be a very useful way because you can get to see a number of stud dogs of the correct breed. And I think it's really important that you stick to the same breed. Finding prospective puppy owners for cross breeds is notoriously difficult.

Once you've got to that stage, it's really really a good thing to get in touch with the stud dog owner. Actually, have a chat with them, find out whether they think your bitch will be compatible and also ensure that they're kennel club registered. Find out whether their breeding is compatible and they're not too closely related and that they think that the puppies that may come from that union may end up being a fantastic success.

From there, you need to make sure that she's an ideal weight, that you're feeding her the right diet. And again your veterinary practice can help you with that because it's really essential that she is the right body condition and the optimum weight because if she's overweight, she'll end up producing smaller litters because she won't produce as many eggs. If she's underweight, classically, she'll produce fewer puppies and they'll be too small.

So, your vet can be your absolutely best friend in this and if there are any problems down the line, they're going to know all about it and can help you. .