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How To Start Jam Skating

How To Start Jam Skating

Jam skating is really fun to do, it's just like dancing but with skates on. You are free to do whatever moves you want. Feel free to come up with whatever moves you desire. Here is a short clip on how o get started.

Now I'm going to show you how to do a little bit of Jam Skating. Basically you get a good beat, a good beat of music and basically you just want to let the feet do the talking. So there are many types of Jam Skating.

Some people would like to put more of a break-dancing to it by getting low, doing kicks, back-up again, spinning. Some people would like to do just fancy foot work. You can also put orders together and create your own ideas.

Basically as long as it looks good and it feels comfortable have a proper hit. I'm going to show you one quickly which it called grape vine. Basically you want to pick a nice long line in a direction your going.

You want to try to keep your body sideways and what you do is you cross your outside foot over and in the same time bring it back. So basically you're transferring your body from going forward to sideways, to forward to sideways. So going forwards, over to backwards and you want to bring this foot back over again.

Try to keep your body sideways. So you're going backward, step over to backward again. I'll show you again.

So you skate over top, to backward, over the top, to backward again. Sometimes you have to dip this back foot behind you to get the momentum. So you go over, throw that one back over, throw that one back.

Also you can lift your feet up into it. So you go, a little bit more difficult but it looks better if you can keep it flowing. So that's the grape vine.

Also you can add bits into skating on your heels, maybe even the moon-walk. Just do what feels comfortable, with the moon-walk, you step it down, slide your foot, stopper, slide your foot, stopper and just keep that going and you will keep the moon-walk going. And the quicker you do it and the better it looks hopefully.

But if you have little tricks that can start you off. The basic thing is cross one leg over and then back. This foot just goes backwards and forwards, and this one just swaps the weight over to steady you and also gives you to start of other moves.

Basically you can turn that into a barrel roll as well. Which just literally kicking your toes out bring your heel in and your toes out. Try to pick a spot in the middle that you want to work around.

Sometimes you use a cone or just a coat or anything that you can find and just literally just go around it and you will naturally pick-up which way you want to go around with your feet. Some people would like to do it the other way as well. And that's how you Jam Skate.