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How To Stay Safe On A Night Out

How To Stay Safe On A Night Out

Fahran from The Suzy Lamplugh Trust advises us on how to stay safe on a night out. The video deals with the basics from the planning of the night out to diffusing a threatening situation.

Step 1: Plan

Know where you are going and make arrangements in advance to get home.

Let someone else know of your plans.

Make sure your mobile phone is charged and has credit and have enough cash on you to pay for a taxi journey.

Step 2: Confidence

Looking confident make you less likely to be attacked. Stand tall and don't look lost.

Remember, being drunk or on drugs will make you appear vulnerable.

Step 3: Know you limits

Alcohol reduces your inhibitions, dulls your instincts and makes you less aware of danger.

Avoid all drugs, not only are they illegal but also make you vulnerable. Mixing drugs with alcohol could be lethal.

Set a limit on how much you should drink, and stick to it.

Step 4: Be aware

Think twice about accepting a drink from a stranger.

Watch your drink being poured. Don't leave it unattended.

Distance yourself from any potential dangerous situations. Trust your instincts.

Stay with your friends or let each other know where you are going if you split up.

Step 5: Threatening situations

If you are challenged or feel threatened respond assertively but with no aggression.

Try to diffuse the situation. If the situation escalates shout for help, or do anything you can to show you are in trouble.

It is a good idea to carry a personal attack alarm.

Step 6: Ending the night

Avoid inviting people you have just met into your home, or going back to theirs. If you do, imply you have a flatmate.

Step 7: Travelling home

Know your route and travel with a friend if possible.

Stay to well lit areas.

Don't use unlicensed mini cabs

Have you keys out ready to get into your home

Use a buddy system to text a friend when you are home. Have you keys ready for when you get to your door.

The best defence is common sense.