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How To Stay Safe On Facebook

How To Stay Safe On Facebook

This film gives you a guide to staying safe on popular social networking site Facebook. Internet privacy is now a universal concern, so let VideoJug show you some helpful tips on staying safe on Facebook.

Step 1: Privacy

Face book allows you complete control over your information on site and access to material that other users have said they want to share. To protect your privacy and set how private your want your profile to be, go to your profile, and click on 'Privacy' in the top right of the screen. Here you have different options.

Step 2: Profile

First look underneath 'Profile'. At the top Facebook will tell you what your current privacy settings are and what people can see. Under 'Profile' it states that your friends can always see your profile - which is standard. But you can choose whether you want people in your networks or some of your networks - which you can select - are able to view your profile.

Step 3: Contact information

Under 'Contact information' you can select whether just your friends, your friends and your networks, or just your friends and some of your networks can view your instant messenger screen name, your mobile phone number, your landline, your address, and your website, and your email address.

Step 4: Profile Features

Under 'Profile features' you can determine who can see each of your profile features. Again you can select whether you want just your friends, your networks and your friends, or just your friends and some of your networks to be able to view your friends, tagged photos, posts, wall, groups, online status, and status updates.

Step 5: Search

Once you are happy with your privacy settings, click 'Save' to go back to your privacy settings option page. If you like you can adjust the search settings to determine how easily you can be found with the search engine. Facebook tells you your current settings at the top. Under 'who can find me in my search' you can select who can find you - whether it's just your friends, or a combination of your networks and friends, or everyone. If you select something other than everyone, you can un-tick the boxes below to be more specific. You can remove people in college networks, high school networks, company networks, regional networks, and people with no networks and make them unable to search for you.

Lastly you can limit what people are able to do when they find you. You can stop them from seeing your picture, sending you a message, poking you, adding you as a friend, and viewing your friend list. Click 'Save' to save your settings and return to the privacy options page.

Step 6: News feed and mini-feed privacy.

If you click on 'News feed and mini-feed privacy' in the privacy settings page, you can adjust what people can and can't see in their feeds. At present, face book will publish 'Stories' about any changes you make to your profile and other people in your friend list will be notified of what you're up to. So in this section, you can deselect certain story topics so people won't see them when you change them. For example by deselecting 'Write a wall post' - your friends won't be notified when you write on someone's wall. You can also remove 'Show times in my mini-feed' which will get rid of the clock next to the news feed story. Click 'Save' to exit and return to the privacy settings page.

Step 7: Poke, Message and Friend Request

When you contact someone through a poke, message, or friend request, Facebook lets that person see part of your profile temporarily, even if your privacy and network settings would usually prevent him or her from seeing your profile. This helps that person identify who you are before they respond. You can select what information you'd like them to see using the check boxes below. For example, at the moment people can see Basic info, Personal Info, Education Info, Work Info, Friends and Posts. You can add to this by selecting or deselecting any of these boxes.

Step 8: Notes

If you click on 'Notes' in the privacy settings page,