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How To Steam Clean A Carpet

How To Steam Clean A Carpet

How To Steam Clean A Carpet: Have you ever wanted to get a really professional clean to your carpets at home? This video explains just what you need and how to go about achieving it. Make your carpet look new and leave it free of bacteria.

Hi. My name's Sam and I'm a cleaner from London and today I'm going to show you how to professionally clean your carpets. This machine here is a professional carpet cleaning machine, you can hire a contractor to undertake your carpet cleaning requirements if you like or you can hire them yourself for a reasonable price and use them at home yourself.

So first of all we start off by pre-spraying the carpet with a chemical mix of water, which is completely safe for children, pets and this will just loosen any dirt in the carpet prior to us doing our second stage. So what we do, we leave that on there for approximately five minutes just to start to work. And then I'll show you the next step.

Turn on the machine and then we go over it with this powerful motor which puts a second chemical into the carpet. And we'll be careful not to over soak the carpet, so we're just taking off the excess dirt, grease, dust allergens, bacteria. This will freshen up your carpet, it will bring the pile up and when it's dried the carpet will look new again.

Just from doing that small bit you can see the difference from here to here already and it's still wet. The carpet after it's been professionally cleaned will need between two and four hours to dry out properly and then it will be ready to move furniture around and be walked on and you'll have a clean and healthy home. That's how to clean carpets professionally in your home. .