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How To Steam Clean A Mattress

How To Steam Clean A Mattress

How To Steam Clean A Mattress: If you experience allergies particularly allergy to dust mites, this video shows you how to clean your mattress with a steam cleaner which is a valuable way of killing allergens within the bed.

Hi my names Sam and I'm from Cleaner London and today I'm going to show you how to professionally steam clean your mattress at home. First of all we have the steam cleaning machine. These can be bought for very reasonable price.

They're very easy to operate, they're environmentally friendly, you don't need any cleaning products in them. You simply plug it into the wall, fill it up with water. It heats it to 180 degrees and then the steams blasted out onto the mattress killing dust allergens, bacteria and sanitizing it for you.

Okay, so first of all what we do is vacuum the mattress. This removes and dust, hairs or loose fibers that are on there. Okay, and then we're ready to use the steam cleaning machine.

Okay, we place the machine onto the mattress and then we blast the steam into it. Very easy to use, quick, safe, efficient, doesn't hurt the environment, it's great if you're allergic to various allergens, pets things like that, safe to use. Okay, so we just go over the fabric making sure we cover all areas.

Now that's completely sanitized and that will be dry within two to four hours afterwords so you will be able to sleep on it the same night. And that's how to steam clean a mattress. .