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How To Steam Clean Windows

How To Steam Clean Windows

If you're tired of using cleaning products that could damage the environment, stink up your home, or threaten your children and pets, watch this video to learn to wipe out the worries associated with window washing, with a steam cleaning machine.

Hello. My name is Sam. I'm from Cleaner London, and today I'm going to show you how to clean windows, using a steam cleaning machine.

The steam cleaning machines today are really good for cleaning everything in the household. They're very simple to use. You literally just plug it in, fill this cap up with water, turn it on, wait for the lights to go off, and it's ready to use.

All we do is press the trigger, blast the steam on the glass. This will loosen any grease and dirt, it doesn't use any chemicals, and is environmentally friendly, and safe to use around children and pets. Okay? Put the safety catch on, and then we use a microfiber cloth to wipe from top to bottom.

And you'll wind up with very clean glass, using no chemicals or products, not damaging the environment in any way. And that's how to clean a window, using a steam cleaning machine.