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How To Stop Bleeding Gums

How To Stop Bleeding Gums

A number of factors can cause your gums to bleed. This video contains useful top tips on how to prevent bleeding gums.

Hello. I'm Doctor Gemma Newman, and I'm a GP and Broadcaster, and today I'd like to help you with a few top tips to improve your health. I'd like to talk to you today about how to stop bleeding gums.

Okay, so bleeding gums are most often caused by gingivitis, and if this is the case for you, it's important to go and see your dentist. If you have persistent problems with bleeding gums, or you have other symptoms associated with it, like bruising, then you should really go and see your doctor. Underlying problems are rare, to be honest, but it's worth considering.

Things like diabetes, kidney problems, or liver disease are more likely to make you bleed from the gums. As are certain medications; things such as aspirin, or anti-inflammatories, or chemotherapy. So it is important, in this scenario, to go and see your doctor.

However, for the most part, there is no underlying cause, and the treatment advice that I give you here should be enough. So, first of all, I would say it's important to try and look after your gums. Oral hygiene is really important, and that's the most common reason why your gums may bleed.

So, cleaning your teeth regularly, and also using a soft-bristle brush to actually brush the gums and the tongue as well as the teeth, is a useful piece of information. Gargling can also sometimes help, either with a mouthwash or with salt water. Another thing that might be relevant is Vitamin C.

Now, Vitamin C deficiency, in severe cases, can cause scurvy and bleeding gums, so make sure you have lots of fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet and you drink plenty of water. You must avoid smoking. This tends to make things like gingivitis worse, and also worsens your oral hygiene.

If you've got bleeding at the moment and it's not stopping, then try to apply a simple cold gauze, with cold water on it, to the gums and that should improve the bleeding. If your bleeding is persistent, and you've got underlying medical problems, or you're on any medications that make you bleed, you must go and see your own doctor. Another thing that can make you more likely to have this kind of problem is something like anorexia or bulimia.

If you're vomiting a lot, then it can cause bleeding to your gums, and also if you have anorexia it can lead to vitamin deficiencies which also cause bleeding gums. If this is the case, go and see your own doctor for advice. Good luck.