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How To Stop Co-Workers From Stealing Your Food

How To Stop Co-Workers From Stealing Your Food

Tired of your co-workers stealing your food from the office fridge? Here's a simple little trick that will keep their thieving hands away.

Step 1: You will need

  • 1 plastic sandwich bag
  • 1 children's green paint
  • 1 Post-It note

Step 2: Cheat

Paint several faint green spots on the outside of a plastic sandwich bag using children's washable paint. Place the sandwich inside and seal it tight, removing all the air so the sandwich won't slide around. For added realism, add a note that says, "Please ask before tossing".

Step 3: Chill

Place the sandwich bag as far back in the refrigerator as possible, to give the illusion that it's been in there a while.

Step 4: Chow

At lunch time, slip out the sandwich away from prying eyes and enjoy your delicious ,home-made, magic-marker-mold-ridden meal while that guy in accounting steals someone ELSE's lunch.