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How To Stop On Hockey Skates

How To Stop On Hockey Skates

As a beginner, how to properly stop on skates can be really tricky. Hockey is a very active sport and you need to be very quick on your feet to compete. Here are some tips on how to properly stop and change directions to improve your game.

Hi! I'm Stuart Thomas, I'm here at Roller City and I'm going to teach you how to roller skate. So, now I'm going to show you how to stop on hockey skates whilst playing roller hockey. It's important that you can skate backwards so that when you are skating backwards you could just put your front stoppers on and it will break quick.

That's great if you've got someone coming towards you can keep an eye on what they are doing and also brake at the same whilst still controlling the ball. When you're skating forwards some people like to use what's called the hockey stop control the ball whilst planting one foot and flicking the second foot out creating a stop in a shorter distance while still controlling the ball and playing the game. The skating backwards using your stoppers you can use one or both together whatever you feel comfortable doing or skating forwards controlling the ball while giving you a hockey stop.

Keeping nice and low, flicking that foot out, and planting that foot while keeping control of the ball. Il' show you again, skating backwards, both stoppers, skating forwards, hockey stop, a lot quicker the hockey stop when skating backwards . Once you've done the hockey stop you will find yourself in a position where you are guarding the ball using your back arched keeping the other players from getting the ball.

With hockey skates there's a much lower to the ground truck, it stops the ball going underneath your wheels and stopping you from tripping over. Also with hockey skates, the stoppers are closer to the floor as well so you can stop a lot quicker. Other skate have a higher stopper which takes longer to get there before you stop.

So you can run on your stoppers as well as break, they have a much wider stopper. When passing and receiving a ball the best way to keep it under control is like you would catch a ball. As it gets to a point of coming past the center of your body you want to over stay on the ball as your stopping, this way you'll get a lot better control when you're playing.

So just recapping, skating backwards and stopping on stoppers, skating forwards and hockey stopping. So you get a nice flow going backwards both breaks will control your skating while you're still controlling the ball. Skating forward, when you hockey stop you're keeping the ball in the middle of you so your guarding the ball from oncoming players or a general hockey stop would be exactly the same, so that you're in position ready to skate again.

And that's how to stop on hockey skates.