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How To Stop Pop Ups

How To Stop Pop Ups

This is a video on how to stop Internet pop-ups. Have a better Internet experience by following these helpful tips on stopping pop-ups.

Step 1: Stop Pop-ups

How frustrating is it to be surfing the internet and suddenly your screen is filled with pop ups, you know what I’m talking about. Today we are going to show you how to stop popups.

Step 2: Dialogue

What’s the matter?

Why do pop-ups keep popping up in my computer?

Those are popups

What are popups?

Popups are way for websites to advertise.

How do we make them quit advertising?

In the newer version of windows, its built within Internet Explorer. Let me show you how to turn the pop-up blocker on. It’s like a tool that can turn on the popup blocker; its pretty easy.