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How To Stop Receding Hairline

How To Stop Receding Hairline

Is receding hairline messing up your groove? Get your mojo back with this video which will show you how to prevent, slow, maybe even reclaim, your receding hairline.

I'm going to explain how to stop a receding hairline. A receding hairline is mainly genetic, that is to say, it is hereditary in most cases. Minoxidil is one of only two proven treatments for hair loss.

We have found that it is very effective in 4 percent, 5 percent or 12 percent treatment doses. If you can get Minoxidil with an added DHT blocker such as medroxiprogesterone or as an acetic acid, it will prove to be much more effective. Minoxidil is dose dependent, so the higher the dose, the more effective the treatment in most situations, but for proper diagnosis, it's best to come down to a proper hair loss clinic such as the Belgravia Center to assess your particular situation and get the best dose of Minoxidil that's suitable for you.

Minoxidil 12 ½ % salicylic 3 has been formulated to treat especially stubborn areas of hair loss on the scalp such as receding hairline. We have found that it is an extremely effective way of treating this as Minoxidil is dose dependent the higher strength of twelve and a half percent is much more effective than four or five percent and as it's in a cream formulation, it's much easier to apply and much more concentrated in its application. Propecia is a brand name for a product called Finasteride it is the only other proven medication which is effective for hair loss.

It's available in a tablet in a one milligram dose and this is the only dose that's effective for hair loss. In many cases, it's best in a combination with Minoxidil and that will give the most effective treatment. There are also other products which can help boost proven treatment but might not be so effective individually.

An example of one of these is a supplement called hair Vitalics. It contains a number of nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and herbs which are beneficial for healthy hair growth and the general condition and integrity of the hair. It also contains some ingredients that could help slow down or prevent hair loss.

As we have explained, it is quite difficult to treat a receding hair line because it is genetic. But first of all you should have it properly diagnosed by visiting a clinic center such as ourselves at the Belgravia Center, and using some of the treatments recommended in this video. .