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How To Stop Snoring

How To Stop Snoring

This film will show you the proper ways to stop snoring. Learn how to stop this sleeping habit, and make sure the bedroom is as silent as a library.

Step 1: Cease Or Limit Alcohol Consumption

Aside from the overall health and mental problems that alcohol can cause your body, it can also relax your jaw and throat muscles too causing excessive snoring.

Step 2: Stop Smoking

Smoking irritates your breathing passages and can cause them to swell, closing them off, and straining respiration. Plus its just plain yucky. So stop… please.

Step 3: Lose Weight

You may need to go on a neck diet to free up your windpipes from all of the excess baggage weighing it down. Also, exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle that improves respiration and cardiovascular functions.

Step 4: Use A Pillow

Keeping your head properly elevated on your pillow may take part of the strain off of your neck, relieving the pressure on your breathing passages.

Step 5: Sleep On Your Side

According to medical experts, sleeping on your side helps to reduce pressure on your windpipe and forces your jaw muscles to stay somewhat tensed showing minor improvements in snoring.

Step 6: Clear The Nasal Pasage

Try wearing a nasal strip. Nasal strips stick to your nose, flexing it gently outwards, opening up the nostrils to allow more airflow. Also, try using a nasal spray before bed to aid in clearing your nasal cavity.

Step 7: Meds

If all else fails, medication is available, or in severe cases, surgical procedures. Ask your doctor. For those with sleep apnea, this may be a life-saving measure.