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How To Stop Squeaky Hinges

How To Stop Squeaky Hinges

Simple DIY tips to stop door hinges from squeaking or sticking.

Step 1: Lubricating Oil

WD-40 is a widely used lubricating oil that is perfect for this job. Spray it right onto the hinge then open and close the door a few times and it'll start to do the trick almost immediately. TOP TIP - Use the straw provided to stop the oil going everywhere as it can stain.

If you don't have any WD-40 handy, you can try motor or even cooking oil, although the effects of these won't last as long.

Step 2: Wire Wool

If your hinge is still squeaky, remove it completely from the door and slide out the hinge pin. Give it a good rub with wire wool, this will remove any dirt or rust which might be causing the squeak. Then replace it back on the door and re-spray with WD-40 or oil.

Step 3: Soap

Another very simple solution is to take the hinge pin out and rub with a bar of soap. Replace the hinge and open and close the door a couple of times to allow for the soap to spread through the mechanism.

Step 4: Replace the hinge

If the worst comes to the worst and you can't get rid of the squeak, chuck the hinge out and pop down to your local DIY store to find a good replacement.