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How To Stop Telemarketers Calling

How To Stop Telemarketers Calling

Learn how to not only get telemarketers to stop calling you, but also how to sue them -- for up to $8000.

Step 1: Prevention

If you live in the US, sign up for the government's "National Do Not Call Registry", at donotcall.gov. Corporations who use telemarketing must remove all numbers you submit from their calling lists, within 31 days.

If they catch you at home, telemarketers don't get the hint if you hang up or politely turn them down. But, if you say, "Put this phone number on your 'do not call list'", then they are legally required to take you off their list, and can't contact you again for ten years.

Step 2: Gather Evidence

You can sue and press criminal charges if the telemarketer proves to be running a scam. Even if it turns out to be a legitimate company, you can still sue for $500 for each question the telemarketer says no to, or lies about.

Write down the number on the caller ID, then follow this script.

1. "Is this a telemarketing call?''

2. "Will you tell me your full name?''

3. "What's the name of the organization you're calling for?''

4. "What is the company's phone number?''

5. "Does that organization keep a list of numbers it's been asked not to call?''

6. "I would like my number(s) put on that list. Can you take care of that now?''

7. "Can you make sure your company won't call me for any other reason?''

8. "Will your company keep my number on its do-not-call list for at least ten years?''

9. "And does your company have a written policy that says you can't call me?''

10. "Can you send me a copy of it?''

You can also sue if they call you after you've asked them not to, call before 8 AM or after 9 PM, call using a pre-recorded message (robocalls), hide their caller ID, if they don't begin the call by telling you what they're trying to sell you, if they don't tell you their contest doesn't require you to buy anything or if they send you a fax.

Step 3: Sue

Once you've gathered your notes, go to your local small claims court and file a $500 claim for each violation. There's a strong chance they'll want to settle out of court, and send you a check before you ever have to set foot in the courtroom. Soon, you'll have more time to live your life, with fewer distractions.