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How To Stop Vertigo

How To Stop Vertigo

This video from VideoJug features Ben Huss, a certified hypnotherapist, who can lead you through guided imagery to help conquer your phobias. In this case, it's your fear of vertigo.

Hello, I'm Ben Huss. I'm a certified hypnotherapist and I'm going to show you tools and techniques to help you unlock your potential. I'm going to show you how you can stop your fear of vertigo.

It's perfectly natural to have a phobia. In fact, we're usually born with two, the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. All others, we learn from experience or someone else's.

It's an unconscious response and it's an irrational fear. You know you behave like this but you don't know why and you can't control it. We're going to deal with this unconscious behavior and we're going to rewire the way you react to it.

So, get yourself comfortable. Make sure you don't have any distractions for the next five minutes and let's begin. Think of a time when you experienced your phobia or a situation which can trigger it.

Now, take a snapshot of that image. Let's just put it over there and forget about it for now. Now, close your eyes.

Imagine you've just walked into the cinema and you're walking in and there is no one else there, all the seats are empty. So you take the best seat and you take the center row seat. You sit down and you make yourself comfortable.

And as the movie is about to begin, you notice that on the screen is that snapshot, that picture of your scary experience. Now, just imagine yourself floating up from the chair all the way back to the back of the theater to the projection room. And in the projection room, you can watch yourself watching yourself experiencing that scary situation.

And in your hand, you have a remote control and when you press play, it will play the movie all the way through that scary experience all the way until you reach the point where you survived it successfully. So in a moment and when you're ready, press play now. When you reach the end of that experience, press the pause button.

Now we're going to float all the way from the projection room into the picture. You're going to float into your body. In a moment, we will press the rewind button and when you do, everything will go backwards.

The actors in the movie are going to be moving backwards, objects will be moving backwards, people will be talking backwards. Maybe it will sound like a record when you turn it back, you know, that kind of sound. Or make it silly.

Let's even add a soundtrack. You can add circus music or perhaps a nursery rhyme. So, when you are ready, press that rewind button and let everything go backwards.

Good. And now press the pause button and open your eyes. Now when you think about that phobia, notice how different you feel about it.

Repeat this a couple more times and you will soon find that the phobia has disappeared completely. And that's how to stop vertigo. .