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How To Stop Your Dog Jumping Up

How To Stop Your Dog Jumping Up

Train your dog to behave and stop jumping up on you and other people with this helpful advice from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in London.

Step 1: Teach your dog to sit

When your dog jumps up, use the 'SIT' command as this will force him to back down. See VideoJug's 'How to train your dog to sit and lie down' for tips on how to do this. Dogs are also likely to sit if you raise your forearm to your shoulder, as the movement encourages them to move back and down.

Step 2: Consistency

You will need to make sure everyone in your household, and all visitors, react the same way when your dog jumps up, so that he will learn not to jump up at other people. If you're talking to someone while your dog is on a lead, standing on the lead will stop him jumping up.

Step 3: Ignore your dog

If your dog still jumps up at you, ignore him, turn your back and walk away. Don't look at your dog, touch or speak to him. As soon as he lands back on the ground, reward your dog calmly. Don't go over the top with praise as this may over-excite him and encourage him to jump up again.

Step 4: Vary the praise

Reward your dog either with a gentle stroke, encouraging words such as 'good dog', a toy or a treat. This will keep your dog guessing and stop him from expecting food as a regular and predictable reward.