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How To Store DVDs And CDs

How To Store DVDs And CDs

CDs and DVDs can take up a huge amount of space and ruin a rooms décor. If you delve into the 5 for £30 once a week, you may want some imaginative storage tips to save on space.

Step 1: Special Editions

They can look great on display, so reserve a spot and make an attractive feature out of them.

Step 2: Wallets

Take out the CD sleeve, front and back if you wish, and put your entire collection into large CD wallets, in alphabetical order. Try leaving an empty space on each page so you don't need to shuffle everything along with your next purchase. Larger wallets can be bought to house DVD sleeves.

Step 3: Files

Buy a long file box to store loads of discs in individual sleeves. Try watching VideoJugs "How to make a paper CD case" for a cheap and easy space saving packaging solution.

Step 4: Pin boards

Make a display that sits flush to the wall. Get a cork board, and pin some cheap but soft cloth to it for a protective backing. Hang the discs in regimented rows on pins. A number of these can make an interesting wall feature and take up no space at all. You can always keep the sleeves in a file or wallet.

Step 5: Spindles

Some people like to keep "copies" or "backups" in cases with their own printed sleeves, but don't bother. If the discs get damaged, just back them up again. Keep the discs on the spindle the blanks came on, and make some alphabetized cardboard tabs so that they are easier to find.