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How To Straighten Hair Naturally

How To Straighten Hair Naturally

A master hair designer explains how to straighten hair naturally. This can be done with only a blow-dry lotion, a brush, and a hair dryer.

In this video today, I'm going to teach you how to straighten hair naturally. With that, I'm going to be using a few different types of products and equipment. I'm going to use my hair dryer and my brush.

Product-wise, I'm going to be using a blow-dry lotion. This gives you a straighter effect without actually use any straighteners. My model's hair has just been washed and towel dried.

I'm just going to use a little bit of this product, just run through the mid-lengths and ends. My model's hair is quite thick so I don't need to put anything in it at the roots. If your hair is quite fine, a root boost, mousse, or product would be really good for you.

I'm just going to start by rough drying the hair off, just to make sure the product has dried into the hair before I start sectioning off and working all the way through the hair. It's always best to start with the fringe and around the front because that's the section that always dries the quickest. So, to have that looking how you want it, you need it to be pretty.

Then after that, I'm going to work a section at a time, all the way at the top and then either sides. So, when you think that the hair is dry, if you have a cold button on your hair dryer, which most of you do have, use that just to give a final blast to the hair just to make sure that everything stays set and in style. That does help when you're trying to keep the hair straight, for the cuticles to shut and for it to just sit nicer.

I'm just going to turn on the cold setting. So, now, I've finished the drying and styling. When you think that everything is all done, just run your fingers through to make sure all your hair is dry.

This has taken me about 15 minutes, but if your hair is longer, it will take longer. If your hair is shorter, it will take a lot less time. This trick is to keep working.

It's all sections, all the way up, and then on either side. So, I'm just going to bring my model around. As you can see, it's nice and smooth and shiny and straight.

That is how you naturally straighten hair. .