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How To Straighten Mens Hair

How To Straighten Mens Hair

Gentlemen, are you tired of your curly or wavy hair and would like a change with straight hair? Watch this informative video and learn how to straighten your hair with these easy steps!

I'm going to show you how to straighten men's hair. Now, the difference with straightening men's hair and women's hair is not a lot except men's hair tends to be a bit shorter so what you need to do is make sure that you're not taking too much hair into one section. Otherwise, you're not going to be able to straighten it properly.

The roots might end up going a bit wavy or you just miss out sections so it's working in small, clean sections. So, section a small amount of the hair away like so, and with a comb, take a section like so. And it's good to work in the style of the haircut so as the haircut is sort of shaped over to this way, we're going to work up to the parting through that way.

Clip it up out of the way and just comb through. Make sure there are no little snags. An important thing to use when you're straightening men's hair is the straightening iron.

It needs to be quite a small straightening iron. That's about the biggest size you could use on men's hair. Now, remember to keep the tension in the hair and just bring it down like so.

Take this section here. Now, if there are any little bits, you can just go over them. You don't need to do the whole section again.

It's just any little bits that have escaped and just pull down. So again, I'll show you the next section. Just work small sections all the way through.

Comb through, keeping that tension there, that's very important. Just going to straighten one more section and that's how to straighten men's hair.