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How To Straighten Short Hair

How To Straighten Short Hair

Straight short hair looks nice on some and not on others. Just make sure you style the short hair that suits you.

I'm going to show you how to straighten short hair. Now, the one thing you got to do with short hair even more so than you do with normal hair, normal length hair that you're straightening, is you got to have very small sections to work in because the hair can really hide under itself and you want to make sure you're getting every section. So, you've got to divide your hair up especially if it is in slightly different lengths for asymmetrical haircuts or that sort of stuff, you got to get your sections away.

So, we've done the cross section, like a hot cross bun section and now, we're just going to work, break that down to even smaller sections through the back. So, when you take a section for straightening, we'll get a particularly small bit of hair, pick up about no bigger than this sort of size which you see is about two inches long and I'd say, well, it's usually about a centimetre, like half a centimeter depth. Same again, you want to use just a tiny bit of hairspray, use it just to protect the hair from the heat of the iron and it's also to stop any little fly away hairs and all that sort of stuff.

So, comb the section through, comb out any little knots or little snags you might have in there, get rid of that. So with the straightening iron, it's really important when you are straightening short hair, you need a very sort of small thin plated straightening iron. You can get them about half as thin as that so that would be even better to use.

But this size is kind of about your limit. If you use any bigger than that, you're just not going to get the hair in there. And keeping the tension and also simple enough, I should mention as well, some straightening irons don't close properly all the way.

Now, if you look there, that's got a little tight finish and that's really important especially when you're doing short hair and fine hair. So, you can see on this side, taking again small, small, small sections. We're straightening short hair, it's almost more important in a way to make sure you're getting every single hair and taking another section out.

Again, we're just going to have to work in really small sections, there are no real short cuts for that, unfortunately. So, comb your hair through, no little knots or anything in there, touch of hair spray, just a touch, small section, keep that nice and tight, as close to the root as you can go without obviously burning and then pull that through. And that's how to straighten short hair. .