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How To Stretch The Psoas Muscle

How To Stretch The Psoas Muscle

A personal trainer demonstrates where the psoas muscle is, its relevance to back pain and why it should be exercised.

In this video, I'm going to show you how to stretch your psoas muscle. Now, the psoas muscle is one of the biggest and thickest muscles in the body. It starts here on the lower spine and comes around and attaches onto the thigh bone.

And it's the main problem when it comes to lower back pain, something 80 percent of adults actually suffer from in this country. So, the best way to stretch it is lying on your back, like so, and you bring both your knees up towards your body and you have both hands just below the left knee there. So, both hands on this knee and then you stretch out the right leg slowly and get it as flat as you can onto the floor, keep breathing, holding that knee in and that will really get the muscle a good stretch.

Now, just relax, if you're lucky enough to have someone to stretch it for you, actually, you'll get a better stretch because the upper body can stay relaxed. So, what we do is actually the same position, keep this leg flat, as the stretcher, use both hands carefully on the knee here and push down until the person says stop and then you hold the stretch for about 10 seconds. And then, you do exactly the same on the other side, and just gently ease off after the stretch.

So, it's extremely important after exercising, to really stretch the muscle so to avoid any lower back pain or any muscle soreness in that area. And that's how to stretch the psoas muscle.