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How To String A Guitar The Fastest Way Known To Man

How To String A Guitar The Fastest Way Known To Man

John Kaye of The Overlords (www.TheOverlords.com) Teaches yet another short cut in life. This method is for stringing guitars with holes through the headstock peg in the fastest method know to man.

Step 1: Cleaning and inserting the strings into the bridge

Before you remove strings from your guitar, make note on how they are inserted into the bridge. How the pegs hold it in place, and then remove all strings by losening them first and the cutting them at the half way point. This will help avoid mixing up your new strings with the old. You will replicate the string insertion and peg placement on all 6 strings the same way they were before. When all the strings are off the guitar, this would be the best time to clean the guitar with apropriate guitar cleaning solutions. After all strings are removed start by inserting the first string into the hole and securing with the peg.

Step 2: Wrap the string around the tuning post

Stretch the string the full lenth of the guitar and wrap the 6th string around the post 2 times, in the same direction you would tighten the string, taking up all the slack.

Step 3: Securing the string

For the 6th, 5th , and 4th, string 2 times around the post and then, upon the 3rd time wrapping half way around the post, slide the string through the tuning post hole between the 1st and 2nd wrapped strings on the other side and pull it through steadily until it is tight. For the 3rd, 2nd, and 1st, you may wrap the string once or twice more around the tuning peg before pulling the string through.

Step 4: The order in which to string your guitar

Using one string at a time, start with the 6th, or low E string first. then the 1st, or high E string, the 5th, or A string, the 2nd, or B string, etc.

Step 5: Tuning the guitar

If all strings are secured properly, there will be little, or no stretching out of tune. You should be able to tune the guitar up with very minimal stretching at all. Your guitar will be ready to play.

Step 6: You can refer to the opening picture of this video

You will see the E or 6th string protruding through the second and third wrap around. The A or 5th string shows how the string looks as it enters the back side of the peg.