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How to Stuff Meat

How to Stuff Meat

This VideoJug clip teaches everyday cooks how to stuff meat. Stuffing meat is easy, and it adds a great depth to your plain dinner. It's relatively inexpensive, simple, and delicious.

Hi, welcome to Godrey's. I'm Chris Godfrey, and today I'm going to be showing you a few of my tips about meat. I've been running this shop in Highbury for the last thirty years and it's been in my family for over a hundred years.

Let's stuff meats. The most important thing when you're stuffing meat is to find some flavors that go with each different one. So, if you're looking at pork, you're looking at sage, thyme, parsley, that kind of stuff, one of those apple, those kind of flavors.

What you want to do is you want to, if you've got like a loin of pork you don't want to cut into the eye, you want to cut into the flesh of the loin, like that, and then basically you want to bring it around, put your stuffing in there, that side of it, and then you roll it around like that, you roll it around and tie it back up again. Take your stuffing, place inside the bone cavity, like that, like that, that's your little stopper, that should stop it from coming out of there. Turn it around that way, put a few herbs on it, natural, natural flavor enhancers there.

That's how you roll, and bone, and stuff a leg of lamb. What you do is get any sausages, take them out of the skins, and use that as the first stuffing that goes into the breast, because all the juices from the sausage meat will go down onto the bread stuffing, which is what you call your force mix stuffing. You can get a lot of stuffing and you can make the chicken go a very long way doing it like this, and it's simply delicious.

To stuff a chicken is much better. What you do is mold it like that, so it's like that, round there like that, and that's how you stuff meats.