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How To Style A Bob Haircut

How To Style A Bob Haircut

A bob haircut is a popular classic hairstyle where the hair is cut straight around the head going into the neck on the back and going into the jaw line on the sides.

Hi, my name is Demitri Loizi. I'm the U.K.

Educational Director for Rush. And I've been a member of the artistic team for about 5 years. And I've been based with Rush for 14 years.

What we're doing today is we're actually styling a bob today, so what I'm going to show you is basically to, how to get the back sitting in correctly, and get the sides and the front sitting really nice and smooth with a lot of shine. What we're going to need to do now is we'll get a lot of shampoos and conditioner, and then we'll start it for you. Hey guys, so we got this, we got a lot of shampoo and conditioner.

Now what we're going to do is, obviously, with the bob style, we just need to keep it simple, just a couple of tools just to make your life easier. So what we've got is literally one clip, a good-sized medium-sized brush you know, strong bristles, and all I'm going to do with this particular style is - so we've got fine hair, we'll be using like a volumizing lotion just to get more body. Now in this particular style, the main areas we need to focus on is getting the back area sitting in quite smooth, and creating any body that we want mainly through the top.

So, we've through this area, what we're going to do is actually use minimal brush work. It looks to create too much body, to get this area sitting in nice and smooth. And then, when we blow dry the top, we'll create the shape through the layers through the top.

So the easiest way of doing it, is working, again with a comb. As long as the haircut has been cut well, and structured, the layers should sit in very nicely. Stroking through, reducing most of the moisture just to make your life as easy as possible.

Just using the nozzle to direct the hair the way you want it to go. Again, all this allowing the cut to do the work for you. So it's very important the way you speak to your relevant stylist to ensure that the layers have been dried in nicely.

Just to make your life easier, basically. So what we're going to do through this back, once we've taken that moisture out, we could just take small sections, just with a clip working through. And then using the brush just to level in these areas, using no fingers at all through this back area, so what I'm going to do now is I'm going to carry on blow drying all through the back, and then working through to the sides, as I progress through.

Okay, so as you can see, what we've done is we've blow dried this underneath area. Nice and tucked in for these areas, and then that's allowed the foundation really of all the layers through the top, again really working strongly with the haircut that we've created, with the layers just fraying underneath so that gives us a solid foundation. When working through the sides, what we did, to create no real definite parting is, how we do this is we guard it through.

And we blowdry everything forward and we just direct the nozzle in the direction of where you want the hair to go basically. So, working through it, we have no definite parting. What this does, it allows us to play around with the hair a lot more when it comes to the styling.

So the main focus really with this whole look is keeping it very simple, so when we do the hair at home, it's minimal, no fuss, and we save time. We're working into the neck through the back, again, working with strong graduation for the haircut. The layers just softly pulling over the top and then drying, no real body through the sides, and creating more body through the front, through the top area and through the front just drying everything straight forward and then working and parting it when dried.

Okay, so then we have the finished blow dry. Again, working with styling a bob as simply and as effective as possible and then once we've done this, it allows us to un-tuck the hair behind the ears, work on the shine and then we just finish that off with just a very light hairspray just to give us a little bit of hold and shine through