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How To Style A Real Hair Wig

How To Style A Real Hair Wig

This video demonstrates how to style a wig made of real human hair. Stop being timid with your real hair wig and follow this simple advice from an expert on how to style it.

Styling a real hair wig is not as frightening a task as you think, provided you follow the instructions and you are clued in. The human hair wig, in order to style it, has to be wet. You have to moisten it.

Thoroughly condition the hair and prepare it so it's ready to use. You can then blow style it and curl it. You can also readjust it when it's dry but the optimum style is achieved when it's wet.

If you're not sure, always ask the experts. The person supplying the wig has to respect you're going to look after it yourself. It you're not told how to do it, they're not doing their job properly.

Do not think you can assume you know all about it. When someone buys a human hair wig that never bought one before, it's a new adventure and it can be frightening. You need to have knowledge of what to do and how to do it.

You can create whatever you like as long as you use your imagination and how to do the correct procedure. .