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How To Style Choppy Hair

How To Style Choppy Hair

This video shows how to easily style choppy hair. It doesn't take much time at all and anyone can learn how to do it.

I'm going to show you how to style choppy hair and how to get the best out of those choppy layers. Now, the hair at the moment, it's just been blow dried, so it's looking quite smooth, quite sleek. You know, all those sort of choppy layers are kind of hidden away.

Now, the best way to bring those out is to use a straightening iron. But what you want to do is you don't want this to be too neat and too methodical. What we're going to do is just take sections up through the hair.

You're not going to work your way and straighten it all the way through. Nice and neat! We're just going to take sections of the hair, layers in the hair, give those a little, give that a little, a little bit of hair spray and just about half way through, just touch it on. So, you're not even really straightening it.

You're just touching it through the ends. I'll show you that again. So, picking up the sections up of hair, be quite random with this.

Different sort of sizes, different sort of lengths, depending on how choppy the hair is and the type of choppy hair cut it is that you're working on, about half way through, like so. You work your way through the head all the way through, just going to repeat this process until we've kind of got the desired effect and then need to break it up so. Okay, so after you've gone through and you've got all the layers and choppy sections that you want to accentuate, just grabbing again, just showing you the last bit, just grabbing a really small section about half way down, and just touching that through the ends so you're getting like a really sort of broken out piece, that's sort of separate from the rest of it.

So after you've gone through and you can see that's quite a lot choppier through there, you need to kind of really now set it in with a bit of wax or a light cream or something. I'm going to use quite a light cream just to break it up, so the important thing with applying a product is to make sure it is evenly distributed, so you don't want a big blob of it going in one bit and then some parts not getting any, so just make sure you rub that all the way through your hands like so. And then, in at the roots, and just twist that hair and scrunch it up and pull it out and where you straighten that with the hair, it will kind of fix into the place that you want it to.

Where you've already just put the straightener through it, it really just kind of sets it, and you see it's a lot choppier than it was a few minutes ago. And then, you can just apply a bit of hairspray to fix that into place. It's all about making the ends and the textured layers separate and stick out in all different kind of directions, which is what gives you your choppiness.

And that's how to style the choppy hair. .