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How To Style Hair Into A Bow Shape

How To Style Hair Into A Bow Shape

This video shows you a step-by-step method of how to style your hair into a bow shape using only a few pins and hairspray. Easy-to-follow instructions make this look easy to do and the results are beautiful.

In this video, I'm going to show you how to create a bow shape out of your hair. With this look, it is essential that you get plenty of backcomb into the hair; it will never hold if it's not backcombed enough. So, I'm just going to be using a work in hairspray.

It's quite effective for a hairspray. Split hair into two sections exactly. From that, take a tiny section underneath from each section.

So, you've got that and I'm just going to take a small section from here. That's going to be your middle section of your bow. I'm going to pop a section, pin in to keep that out of my way as I'm working.

So, now, you've got two sections of hair. Take a couple of sections and backcomb the hair, it's a little bit harder backcombing with a ponytail so make sure your ponytail is really secure before you start. So, now I've got two sections of hair, going to have a quick spray just to make sure because I'm going to be brushing some of this out.

Alright, now, I've got a soft hair brush and I'm going to be slightly moving over the top of my backcomb. As you can see, everything is still there but just that outer section is smoother. That's going to be essential for getting that shape through the top.

So, I'm just going to fold the hair onto itself. Number two, the same thing. I'm right handed so I'm holding all the hair in my left.

Also, if you're left handed, you can completely swap it around and try to work it my way - however you find it more comfortable. So, this bottom section I left away now, I've got that left. The bigger you can get this, the better.

You don't want it to look too flat and have a part in the middle, same sort of thing. The easiest part I find if the hair is very long, when you get to here, part that in half because we can easily tuck that away when you think you've got it all where you want it. Stray hairs can just be easily tucked away, and always build that shine.

Seen from the back, you've got a perfect bow shape. Then, as you turn the model's face front, you see both the sections there from the front. That is how to create a bow out of your hair.