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How To Style Layered Hair

How To Style Layered Hair

This Videojug film helps to know how to style layered hair. In a brief description, it clearly exhibits the ways to be used to straighten short layered hair. The steps are easy to follow and simple.

So with this hair today, it is quite thick, so I want to do it with straightened hands. So I am going to use GHT, the medium size. So I am going to take sections from back sides, small sections and quite easy with the tip of your grip.

So with my comb, and I am going to place my comb in and I am going to go from root tip, and I am going to slightly tie in the ends just for a neat finish. Just go over there once or twice using a slow pace technique, so from root to tip and curling in the ends. So, next section will be off an inch neat section, so I am going to use the GHT in the shape of a C and the curls and those ends will be nice and tidy.

Keep your tension quite high with your GHT and a slow pace. When you come to the shorter layers, you are going to create little bit of bodies and you are not going to pull it down and you are going to lift it slightly. Your sections should be only about half an inch thick and slow straight towards the ends.

Root tip in the shape of a C to get that nice turn around in the ends. That blends to the layers in a seamless finish. To choose the sides again, you don't want to do it too flash and going to lift the GHT.

You have to hold your sections to get that sleeker finish and taking all intersections into one and then going around to the sides. To go to the French, you need to take small neat sections with your grip and clip that out of your way and it is going to turn around the shape of a C and give that nicer finish. Take each section slowly and working to the top, lifting it slightly, and it creates little bit of movement in the layers, again, still building on your ends.

So find a section and it is going to blend to the layers to get that seamless finish. You are going to create little bit of texture with products afterwards. You are going to use Glimmair and Nutriscalp to the end and just a small amount and not too much.

you have to work it out and alter your hands and shake it nicely on the hair and it creates little bit of texture, little bit of life and little bit of movement. So you are just going to use volume active spray just to give that finish and hold. This finishes off my look today for short layered hair. .