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How To Style Limp Hair

How To Style Limp Hair

Lucy Tuck from Marc Anthony shows you how to pump up your limp locks with a simple hair do. You only need a blow dryer and a flat iron to create this bouncy look!

I'm going to show you a really quick way to put life back into limp hair. I've just blow dried it nice and straight, and then we're going to work through some nice curls just to give it that volume look. What I'm going to do is take reasonably small sections, just random sections, and we're going to curl with the irons, just so you get a bit of texture there.

What I'm doing is just clamping the iron, and just twist the hair around the iron to create a nice curl. What that does, is gives it a bit more bounce through there. The reason we're using these today is just to give it more of a flat ribbon effect and that flows quite nicely with the natural hair.

Rather than using curling tongs, it just sits a bit nicer and shinier. We're just taking random, inch sections throughout the hair, just so they can shine through the natural blow drying without taking over too much. What we've done is just curled a few pieces, done about 40% curls, 60% straight.

What this does, is maintains the length of the hair, but gives you width to it. It obviously brings a bit more life to the hair than what it was when it was just blow dried straight. So, that's how to style a short length hair cut to give it some more life and some more volume. .