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How To Support Climbing Plants

How To Support Climbing Plants

How To Support Climbing Plants: If you've ever wanted a climbing plant like Clematis but didn't know how to affix a trellis, you'll be amazed to learn how easy it is to install one.

Hi. I'm Mike and I'm here at Camden Garden Center, and I'm going to give you some gardening advice. The first thing that you do is you put a wooden batten on the wall.

This is to support the trellising, and it pushes the trellising slightly out from the wall so that the climbing plants can climb underneath the trellising as well as on the surface of it. It lets more air circulate underneath the climbing plants as well. So, I've fitted the batten with plugs in the wall, and I've screwed the batten to the wall.

I've pre-drilled three holes here, and I'm now going to fix the trellising to the wall. You do the center one first, then the thing will balance there. I'll just check that I've got this level - and finally, the third one.

And I'm going to put another baton, in exactly the same manner, at the bottom of the trellis as well. And that's it. Easy!