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How To Survive A Blind Date

How To Survive A Blind Date

Blind dates can be scary. With a million "what if" thoughts running through your head, you probably start to wonder if you can really go through with it. Fear not! We'll show you how to be a blind date survivor.

Step 1: Greet With A Smile

Even if you've exchanged pictures with your blind date, it's never the same as meeting in person. The meet and greet is easily the most intimidating part of a blind date. You both know you're sizing each other up but you don't want to give away what you really think once you meet that person face to face. As hard as it is, try not to get any pre-conceived ideas of what your date may look like. Simply go into the date with the goal to have fun with a complete stranger, no matter what they may look like. If you're the type of person who's emotions are always written on your face, try to smile when meeting your date. This can help hide your thoughts on your date's physical attractiveness or unattractiveness.

Step 2: Food And Drink

If you're planning to have a bite to eat on your blind date, we still advise you to eat before you go out. This way, if lunch or dinner is delayed for some reason, you won't become a royal pain like you know you do when you become hungry. And if you do get to eat on your date, the food usually plays the role of a prop rather than a meal. If the date's going well, you'll also want to continue the conversation through the meal, so eating beforehand will allow you to concentrate more on your date rather than the juicy cheeseburger in front of you. You can always get a doggie bag so that your date won't think you are wasteful. Also, take it easy with the alcohol. Know your limit. A couple drinks to loosen up is one thing; drinking until you can't remember your date's name or story is quite another.

Step 3: Conversation Starters

Compliment your date once when you meet them, and end it there. Compliments and weather talk are dead end conversations. If you were set up on the date, ask the matchmakers to tell you a little bit about your date so that you have a starting point. Avoid topics such as past relationships and career. Most people aren't very passionate about their work, so it may lead to a negative feeling. Travel, goals, hobbies and interests are all great topics. Obviously, save politics and religion conversations for a later date; unless you already know they share the same viewpoints as you.

Step 4: Making The Move

Even if you're feeling the sparks on this first date, save the moves for later. Experts say the fourth date is a good point in the relationship to start getting physical. For this date, keep it friendly. If your date tries to make a move, simply tell them you want to get to know them better before getting physical. Unless you're into it, then we're not here to judge.