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How To Swim Butterfly

How To Swim Butterfly

This video gives instructions on how to swim butterfly.

Hi I'm Paul, this is Theo from Swimminglessonslondon.co.uk,

We're going to give you a few tips on swimming today. You're more than welcome to contact us for any more information or to book a session. Thank you.

Today were gonna show you how to do butterfly. We're going to give you some tips and some drills that you can do to encourage good technique. So you push off and the kick starts at the hip.

It's a two beat kick for every arm stroke. The butterfly kick starts from the hip, there's one, two, one, two. He breathes on every second stroke.

One, breath, one, breath. There's two kicks per arm stroke, a major one and a minor one. One happens as the hands leave the water at the hips, the other as the hands enter in front of the face.

One, two. The key to this stroke is to get the timing right. Get the movement of the kick happening from the hip translating all the way down to the feet.

The arms pull in a keyhole shape. Look at the arm movement now specifically. The arms pull from the front or wide position and then back past the hips and rotate over at the shoulders.

So now were gonna look at some of the drills were gonna use to promote good technique. First of all were gonna look at the leg kick only, ok? So what he's gonna do here is he's gonna kick from the hips and get a dolphin like kick. That's with both legs are moving together as one.

But to breathe, you're going to do a breast stroke breath. Ok, Theo. (swimming), breathe.

Now youl notice the movement starts quite high up the body. Theos' starting it even at the hands there. He's making an ā€œSā€ shape web movement.

That's' it. So now we look at the breathing. You'll see he comes up there, takes a breath like he's taking a breast stroke.

He's blowing out while. Takes a breath in, and blowing out at this point. Breath in, and blowing out at this point.

All coupled with dolphin kick, the kick from the hips, both legs together. So now Theo's doing the leg kick and the breathing with the full arm stroke, as well as breathing with every single stroke at this one. So he's got the dolphin leg kick with the keyhole movement with the arms.

Arms pulling at the side down past the hips. Breathing on every second stroke on this length. Breathing on every second stroke is faster in the long run but is equally affective for a leisurely swim to breath whenever you won.

Depending on distance your swimming would determine what breathing pattern you should use. Ok, so that was a few tips on how to swim the butterfly correctly and a few drills that you could use to build up to a correct technique. But for more information go to our website, or book a session with us at www.Swimminglessonslondon.co.uk