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How To Swim In Front Crawl

How To Swim In Front Crawl

In this video, Paul and Theo demonstrates how to do the front crawl

Hi I'm Paul, this is Theo from swimminglessonslondon.co.uk.

We're going to give you a few tips on swimming today. You're more than welcome to contact us for any more information or to book a session. Thank you.

Okay, so today we're going to look at front crawl. We're going to be breathing only on one side to make it easy to learn. Okay so were going to start out with the technique and point out some of technical points and then were going to look at some drills that u can use to develop that good technique.

The key to good front crawl is to keep your body position long. So you'll see one hand is always in front of the body or in front of the head almost like one hand is working at a time. On hand meets the other, and as it meets the other, the other pulls through.

This reduces drag over all. As the longer your body, the less drag there is. The leg kick is just up and down.

The kick starts from the hips and translates all the way down the whole leg to the feet. We try to keep our legs floppy. And if we look at the legs now, we can see the leg kicks starting at the hips but quite relaxed feet.

Not overdoing it with the leg kick as it takes a lot of the energy. Okay, so now we're focusing on the arms. Now the arms pull to the side of the body with a bent elbow.

The finger tips enter the water and stretch forward. Hands we try to keep as flat as possible. Try to avoid going in with a diagonal angle with the hands.

We want flat finger tips entering the water stretching forward. We then make sure that as we pull our hands through the water there's a bent arm, pulling to the side exiting at the hip. Once again you'll notice that one hand almost meets the other.

Breathing to one side, while his face is down under the water, he's blowing out, when he turns his head to the side he breathes in. And that was Theo demonstrating front crawl technique. Maybe a few tips and pointers there.

This stroke is also commonly referred to as freestyle but the correct term is front crawl. And for more info go to www.swimminglessonslonddon.co.uk
to book a session. Thank you.