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How To Sync Wii Controller

How To Sync Wii Controller

This film is aimed at teaching people the three different ways to sync a Wii remote to a Wii console, from simply pressing a button on the controller to a manual sync if the remote will still not sync up correctly.

Hi I'm Ross. I'm a Nintendo Specialist here at Game, and today I just want to show you how to sync your Wii remote to your Wii console. Okay, if you turn the power on the console you'll arrive at the home screen of the Wii.

Take your Wii remote and press any button. If the lights flash and sync to the wand, staying on, whether it be on the first, second, third, or fourth player, this means the remote is synced. This means you will now be able to control and move around the screen as normal.

If your Wii remote's been connected to your console before, pressing the 1 and 2 buttons will sync it. If this does not work, the last options is the following. Go to the front of your console, open the panel, and press the red sync button.

And at the same time, open the back battery pack and compartment and press the red button underneath there. Doing this will light up this controller and sync if we're lucky. There we go, that's all synced up and ready as player 2 so you can play multiplayer fun.

And that is how you sync Wii remotes to your Wii console.