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How To Take A Lead Off A Base In Baseball

How To Take A Lead Off A Base In Baseball

Getting extra bases in baseball starts with a good solid lead. If you are in proper position, you can get a jumpstart on a steal or extra bases on a hit ball. But if you get caught napping, say hello to lost opportunity. Learn How To Take A Lead Off A Base In Baseball.

Step 1: Leading Off

When you know that the pitcher has the ball and he puts his foot on the rubber then go ahead and take several shuffle steps off the bag. Don't cross your legs, you might get tangled up. You should want to get as far off the bag without being picked off.

Step 2: Quick Feet

Keep your weight balanced on the ball of your feet so that you can quickly move in either direction. Put yourself in a slight crouch with your arms hanging loosely in front of you, and always keep your eyes on the pitcher.

Step 3: Get A Jump

When the pitch is delivered take your secondary lead by taking a crossover step and hopping toward second while watching and waiting to see what the outcome will be at home plate. This will allow you to be in perfect position to take off on a base hit or retreat back to first if necessary.