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How To Take A Photo With A Celebrity

How To Take A Photo With A Celebrity

So you find yourself at a party - a celebrity-filled party - and well, shucks! You're starstruck! Get your camera ready because VideoJug will show you how to say cheese - with a star!

Step 1: Stand By

Plant yourself near a route where a star will physically walk by you, like the main thoroughfare of a premiere or celebrity event.

Have your camera or even your camera phone "on" and ready for action.

Step 2: Timing

Wait for it,...wait...for...it…Ooh! Here comes Duane now! Once eye contact is made-Gotcha!-don't waste any time and move directly to the next step.

Step 3: The Greeting

Dive right in with your compliment--"Hi, I love your show/film! You're my favorite actor.". Riding on the coattails of the ego massage, go in for the kill and ask for the photo immediately.

Step 4: The Money Shot

Your camera should be ready so that all you need to do is point the lens and press the button.

Stand close, smile big and say cheese!

Step 5: Catch And Release

Don't keep them - because then they'll think you're a stalker after two milliseconds. Just say your "Thanks!!!" and let them be on their way.

Step 6: Done