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How To Take A Temperature

How To Take A Temperature

Take a Temperature. Diagnose illness early by checking your body temperature. Recommended thermometers are now digital- use our guide to get an accurate reading.

Step 1: Digital thermometer

The temperature is most commonly measured by placing the thermometer under and to one side of the tongue, keeping the lips tightly closed around it. Leave it in place for the time specified in the instructions.

Step 2: Ear thermometer

Attach the disposable cover to the probe, then turn the thermometer on. Pull the earlobe up and back. Center the probe tip in the ear and push gently inward toward the eardrum. Press the start button to display the temperature reading.

Step 3: Forehead thermometer

Hold it at either end and press against the middle of the forehead for the specified time, making sure the skin is dry. Coloured boxes on the strip will illuminate to indicate temperature.