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How To Take Emo Pictures

How To Take Emo Pictures

If you're an avid photographer and looking for a new technique to try, then watch this video as, Nick, explains how to take emo photographs.

We're now going to have a look at taking emo pictures. So, actually, this style of photography is to do with the lighting that we employ. In an emo styling picture, I like to employ the lighting from one side.

It really gives us a very contrast type of shot. To start with, I already have my model placed. I like to place the lighting directly to one side.

Already, this is really giving me some very bright contrast on one side of the face. The other side of the face goes quite dark. So, when I take my pictures from the front of the model, I'm really getting some dramatic shots.

I can vary the style of the photography and the images I end up with by varying the position of the lighting. If I move the lighting forward, I'm now getting a lot more lighting wrapped right around the face. This takes away some of the contrast, but again, really brings out some of the detail across the clothing which is so important in this type of photography.

If I move the lighting back, we're exaggerating the contrast that we're getting in the pictures. This can really give us dramatic effects. I'll often use this type of photography and this type of lighting with bands where they're looking for something a little bit edgier.

An alternative means of creating dramatic effects and lighting change is by moving your position in regards to the subject and lighting. If I start from over in this position, get Amy to look towards me, I'm getting a nice even spread of light right across her face. From a central position, I'm really getting a split form of lighting.

One side of her face is dark the other side is nice and bright. From over this position, now, the lighting is wrapping beautifully around Amy's hair and across her face, but giving me strong contrast on the other side of her face. Additional changes to the intensity of your pictures can also be made while making changes within your camera or alternatively by adjusting the power settings on your lighting system.

To create additional interesting shadows and contrast within your picture, consider also adjusting the height of the light in relation to your subject. Within a studio, often, we have space where we can really start shooting from low angles upwards. However, you have to be careful that you don't start taking very unattractive images up peoples noses.

When taking emo style photographs, we're looking to compliment the set-up that you're likely to already have. Here we have, Amy, dressed in dark clothes. We have a very dark background.

Even the details down to her nails are all complimenting the look. We're now going to use the lighting within the shoot to really add some further interest and drama to this style of photography. In summary, when shooting emo style photographs use the lighting to compliment the look and feel that you're trying to create already to add further dramatic interest.

With regards to the lighting consider 3 key elements, the positioning of the light to one side, the position of where you're going to be standing relative to the light on the subject, and the power of the lighting that you're using. And for a cool effect consider turning your old photographs into black and white on your computer. And that's how to take emo style photographs. .