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How To Take Fuschia Cuttings

How To Take Fuschia Cuttings

Fuschias flower throughout the summer and cuttings for new plants can be taken in late spring. Susan Burgess, Head Gardener at Pitmedden Gardens in Aberdeenshire, Scotland shows you how to do it.

You Will Need

  • established fuschia plant
  • 1 pair secateurs
  • 1 pencil
  • 1 label
  • 1 pot, filled with compost and sand mix
  • poly or plastic bag


Identify a long, young shoot on the established fuschia plant and cut it off at the base using the secateurs. Peel off the lower leaves using your fingers, then make another cut at that leaf junction. This area is rich in growth hormones that will help your cutting.

Using your pencil, make a hole in the compost at the side of pot. The roots will find it easier to grow here. Place the cutting into the compost. Shake the pot gently. Write the name of the plant and the date of the cutting on to the label and place it in the pot. Then place the plastic bag over the top of the pot. This will act as a propagator and keep moisture in the pot.