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How To Take Good Headshots

How To Take Good Headshots

Head shots are an essential part of the entertainment business. This short but insightful video will give the aspiring model the tips and tricks of the trade to take the perfect head shot.

How to take a good headshot: Now, if you're looking for the photo that is the perfect headshot, you're probably looking for this photo because you want it to be the front of your model card or you want it to be the first photo in your portfolio. I always think a really strong headshot is the best thing you can start with in your model book if you go for castings and to meet photographers. Now, good headshots will encapsulate everything that you're about.

So firstly, think about what niche in the modelling world you are. Are you a commercial model? Are you a promotion model? Are you a glamour model? Or are you an editorial and maybe a high catwalk model? What you need to do is you need to think about what the other person sees in that photo, thinks about you and why they would book you. So don't think of it from the model's perspective; think about it from the photographer's perspective or the person that's going to book you or even your agent.

So, for instance, I was a commercial model for fourteen years, so that would be very much, eyes strong in the camera, connecting with the lens. You know, a little bit of a twinkle in the eyes, making sure that your eyes tell the story, tell the passion of the feeling that you're kind of emoting. Now, the other thing is, if you're a commercial model and you want to get that perfect headshot, it tends to be about the smile because it's the smile that sells the brands.

And if you sell the brand, you're making that company money; if you're making that company money, your picture, your face will be selling their brand, hopefully, for two or three years time. So for instance, when I did the Pearl Drops, it went to ten countries and it was for three years and it was because I sold toothpaste. So think about it, if you're a commercial model, it has to be happy, smiley, remember the eyes have to connect.

Think something strong when you're having that photo. If you're an editorial model, then it's probably a bit moodier. It's more about your bone structure, it's probably a bit more androgynous, and it's very different.

If you're a promotion model, again, your headshot needs to be friendly. It needs to be sunny and fun and warm, because promotion models are booked because you can approach people, you can sell the products in a different way through your personality. So if you're looking to take the perfect headshot, think about what other people expect of you and then just keep trying.

There's no right way; there's no wrong way. But if the photographer's taken enough frames of you and it's all sitting perfectly, you're going to get it. And also, my last tip, don't be scared to use your hands and move your shoulders because even though it's just this area, the shapes are important.

Hold your arms up, both, whatever you want to do, but play around. And good luck with it! .