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How To Talk To Your Crush

How To Talk To Your Crush

Are you blushing and don't know what to say because you are having a crush on someone? Find out the best tips on crushes. Good luck.

Hi, my name is Niki and I'm a counsellor and psychotherapist, and I work a lot with teenagers. I'm here to talk you about some of the issues you might find you are dealing with as a teenager and to hopefully give some tips which might be useful. I'm here to talk to you about talking to your crush.

Having a crush on someone is something probably everyone goes through at some stage and mostly when we are younger. So, it can be a brilliant experience, be exciting and it can feel so so embarrassing and make you a whole bag of nerves. You blush as soon as you see them.

Find your words tumble out in the wrong way. So it can be all of these things. The main thing is you end up feeling incredibly self-conscious so it makes it much harder to talk to someone you have got a crush on.

It's pretty hard on you. Remember, it is difficult on everyone. It doesn't make you odd because you are struggling to talk to someone you have a crush on.

Some of the tips to manage your nerves and feel calm. So you can actually talk to the person you have a crush on. Calm your self; take deep breaths.

Calm yourself physically. And also lower your expectations on yourself as well on the person you have a crush on. You know, they are just human, they are not a god or a goddess even though they are in your fantasy.

And you are human too, you are blushing not finding the right words is okay. It's just the part of being a bit shy around this person. Taking the pressure off might help you ease into kind of communicating with them.

So, go slowly, don't expect the first time you are working to speak with your crush, you are going to be asking them on a date and you are wandering hand-in-hand happily ever after afterwards. Having a crush is often about a fantasy more; you build up a fantasy you have got. Often, it just one way the person you have got a crush on may not fancy you back.

You don't know until you try; you don't know until you talk to them. So start small, say hi, you know, maybe find a way in to say something to them. Use humour if you can, if you are not too nerves and show an interest in them.

If you are self contentious, the trick to trying to feel less self conscious is to put the attention on the other person, so give your contentiousness to them in terms of asking them questions and interest in them, making them feel special rather than being concerned how you come across and what you are saying. Be friendly, be yourself and that you can have crushes on teachers or a person that is way older than you and will never be attracted to you than you are to them. You might still talk to them and get to know them.

Just finally enjoy as much as you can the crush you have on whoever it is and even though it might not go anywhere, don't forget there will be other crushes to come. And you, learning to deal with it, manage your nerves, will be a good thing in the future too. Good luck. .