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How To Tape Drywall

How To Tape Drywall

A professional shows you how to properly install drywall tape to seamlessly piece together two parts making it look like one larger piece.

I'm going to demonstrate how to tape off the board so effectively now we've constructed up our stud wall and we have put our plasterboard or drywall on it. We have sealed the screw holes and this is the joint where we are now going to tape. This is a process your plasterer will ask you to do prior to coming in to plaster.

So first thing we are going to do is make sure all the screw heads are in at the right depth which is about 2 to 3 millimetres below the surface. This is to avoid any of the popping once its plastered because effectively, once we screw, if anything hits the wall hard the wall will vibrate in its very nature and these may pop. So we are going to drive them should be just spending that extra couple of seconds making sure they are all in is going to pay dividends in the long run.

and then with our screw tape, we are going to start at the top and we are just going to tape it straight over the joint. Flattening it as we go all the way down. And what this does is it its a fibreglass tape which effectively means that the crack, that the plasterboard if it does move in the eventuality that it gets knocked or whatever.

It's going to effectively mean that the joint, that the seam between the two pieces will never become visible. So we go all the way to the bottom the tape is really easy to cut you can cut it with a scraper likeI'm doing or you can cut it with a standing knife and once we've done it we are going to go over it one more time all the way down ensuring that it is flush to the plasterboard and when the plasterer comes in all he will do is plaster straight over this creating a seamless joint if you like, between the two boards. And that's how to tape a joint.