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How To Taste Wine

How To Taste Wine

Learn how to taste wine like a pro, complete with all the swirling, sniffing and sipping you can handle. Learn to taste wine, and impress friends and family with your newly learnt skills.

Step 1: Pour It

Pour a small amount - approximately 2 ounces - of wine into the appropriate wine glass.

Step 2: Swirl It

Make small concentric circles with your glass to expose the wine to air, which will enhance its taste. For advanced tasters, swirl your wineglass in the air to aerate it.

Step 3: Smell It

Put your nose right into your wine glass to get the wine's full aroma. That's right, the nose into the glass. Inhale, and consider the wine's scents.

Step 4: Taste It

Take a sip of wine into your mouth, then gurgle it, inhaling while you do, to aerate the wine even further. If you're facing a long night of tasting, you may want to spit the wine out after this step. If not, drink up and enjoy!