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How To Teach Literature

How To Teach Literature

This video lesson describes the basics of teaching literature and how to make it fun to teach, for the student and for the teacher as well.

Hi, I am Carolina Massie from Greater London Tutors, and I am going to give you some information on how to teach certain subjects. So, these are the basics on how to teach literature. You can divide it into different sections, for example: prose, whether that being fiction or non-fiction, drama, poetry, and just help the student identify the different divisions of literature.

So, for example: if you are teaching Of Mice and Men, you might want to start by looking at the context, what are the socio-economic factors that are the backdrop of that novel. You also want to look at the author. Then, you would want to break down the characters, look at the characters.

What inspires and motivates those characters? What is the character's journey in the novel, what do we find out about the characters from their actions and from their relationships with other characters? What do the characters say about the other characters? Then you would want to identify the themes in the novel, so, for example with Of Mice and Men, you might look at friendship. Again, when you come back to socio-economic factors, you might look at something like the American depression, nomadic farming, that sort of thing. It is really important to use different materials so, having a multisensory approach.

So not just making them read the novel, also perhaps watching the film, if you can find audio materials or other visual materials, pictures, things that make it relevant, make it interesting, make it exciting for the people. There are loads of different websites that you can use which help the student go through all the different things: the context, the author, the characters, where they can do research on the author on the context and it is really important to have them practice a sample question. For example, again, with Of Mice and Men, or what do we learn about George and Lennie's relationship? And it is always important to use a point quotation comment when answering an essay.

So, when an essay is being written, make the point, use a quotation to backup that information and comment on the quote, so using, explaining the quote you've chosen, and how that is relevant to the essay question. These are the basics on how to teach literature. .