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How To Teach Multiplication

How To Teach Multiplication

This VideoJug film is designed to help anyone with the basics of multiplication. It's an easy guide teaching you different ways to learn it.

Hi, I'm Donald Sinclair. I'm a science and math teacher with Greater London Tutors. Today, we are going to be looking at how to teach various topics.

When teaching multiplication, it's always a good idea to tie it into the idea of addition, which the child should already be familiar with. Start off by saying that the times symbol simply means this many lots of. So, four times five means four lots of five.

It can also be written as this: five plus five plus five plus five. Which the child should be able to add together and come together to get twenty. So, four times five equals twenty.

Then you can ask things like “What happens if you multiply a number by one?” Well, if you multiply a number by one, that just means one lot of seven. So, if you multiply a number by one, it stays the same. Finally, what is a number times zero? Well, times zero means zero lots of eight, which means it's just zero.

So, multiplying a number by zero is always equalled to zero. Still, the best way to learn multiplication is to learn the times tables. You can learn them off by heart, but some of them, you can teach simple tricks to remember the rest.

For example, the two times tables are very simple, but you can remember it's just by counting and missing out every other number. So, starting at zero, you go missing the one you go to two, missing the three you go to four, missing the five you go to six. That way, it can be tiring of counting and make you learn very quickly.

For the five times tables, you can teach that every number in the five times tables ends with either a zero or a five, as they go up in fives. Finally, the nine times tables, which a lot of people have problems with. There are two things to bear in mind with this.

One, every number in the nine times table, the two digits will always add up to nine. It can also be learned from a simple trick in the fingers. If you hold up all ten fingers, to find, for example, three times nine, counting from left to right if you lower the third finger, then three times nine is going to be twenty seven.

This can be done all the way up to nine times ten. It can be a very quick way to find out the value of the nine times table you're looking for. So these are some examples and tricks to help learn multiplication. .