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How To Teach Your Dog To Shake Hands

How To Teach Your Dog To Shake Hands

Ever wanted to teach your dog how to shake hands? To high five your favourite pooch? Well VideoJug demonstrates exactly how to get your dog to offer you his paw.

Step 1: You will need

  • A Canine friend
  • Some dog treats

Step 2: Lift your dogs paw

Lift up the dogs hand and literally shake his paw yourself. At the same time say “shake hands” and then give him a treat. Every time they do it, praise them and say words like "well done" and "good boy/girl". As you do this, they will realise that they must be doing something right and will eventually be glad to shake your hand.

Step 3: Repeat the process

Keep repeating this process and your dog 'should' get it eventually. Once you have taught your dog how to shake hands, you should be able to show off his good manners to all of your friends.