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How To Tease Short Hair

How To Tease Short Hair

Hairstylist James Blaquiere demonstrates the proper technique and tools needed for teasing short hair in order to achieve volume before applying hairspray.

I'm going to show you how to tease hair. After you've blow-dried your hair and you want to get maybe a little bit more volume out of it, it's quite good to just scatter a few Velcro rollers. Perhaps through the crown as well where I'd like to get a little bit more volume.

So, after you've put those in, a little bit of hairspray, and you've left them for 20 minutes to half an hour, you then want to take the rollers out of the hair gently, like so. And to kind of break it up, any sort of roller marks you might have in there, you're going to need a teasing comb which looks like this. This is the end you're going to be using.

It's a bit like a more sort of delicate way than using your fingers. So, to tease, just very gently, just breaking up where you can see where those rollers were in the hair, and that's just keeping the shape and keeping the volume. It's not going too deep.

It's just breaking up very gently before you add your final bit of hairspray. You can use your fingers as well just to lift the hair up, so just gently teasing the hair through to break up any roller marks that you may have left there from the Velcro rollers. Just to break it up, to make it a bit more natural before you add the final touches with your hairspray.

So, that is how to tease hair. .