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How To Tell A Female Budgie From A Male Budgie

How To Tell A Female Budgie From A Male Budgie

This film describes a quick and easy way to tell a male from a female budgie. The film also describes how to prevent or encourage breeding in your budgies if that's desired.

How to tell a male budgie from a female budgie. In the bird world you would call a male budgie a cock, and a female budgie a hen. So with the cock birds, you'll see where the nostrils are called a cere.

The coloration around the cere will be a blue color. It could be like milky blue, it could be like a whitish blue color. Now with the hen birds, it'd be more like a purpley, pinky, reddy color.

Now when a bird is three months and under, it's almost impossible to tell the sex of the bird. When they've hit the age of three months and they're a little bit older that's where the coloration really comes out on their ceres. If you're thinking about what sex budgie to get, it really doesn't matter.

They can get together. They're very sociable birds so two boys, two girls, or a boy and a girl will be perfectly happy together. Don't worry about them breeding because most likely they will not breed without a nest in there.

If you find they are breeding, they are laying eggs, but you don't want them to breed, it's as simple as removing the egg. If you are thinking of breeding make sure you put a nest in there with plenty of hay and fluffy bedding. And also it should be kept in a warm room temperature area.

If you are finding it's hard to get them breeding you can buy little fake eggs from your local pet store which will help to aid the breeding process. If you're thinking of breeding the best thing to do is go to get some expert advice where which from your vet, local breeder, or pet store. So that's to sex a male from a female budgie.

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