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How To Tell If A Shy Guy Likes You

How To Tell If A Shy Guy Likes You

Telling if a guy likes you can be difficult, especially if he's shy. This video offers a handful of dating tips to find out if that shy guy really likes you.

Today, we're going to talk about how to tell if a shy guy likes you. Now, I know for some people telling if a guy likes you is hard enough, but if the guy is shy, it can almost be a minefield in terms of, "What are they thinking? Are they interested? Aren't they interested?" I think the key is - especially when I've worked with guys who are particularly shy - you have to pay more attention to what they say and sometimes the clue is in what they don't say versus what they do say. If you want to know how a shy guy likes, you then, I think you really need to get into his social circle.

Because his friends will be able to give you a lot of tips in terms of what he likes, who he likes, and sometimes they'll actually drop hints, especially if they're really good friends and they know that their mate is shy. Then, you will find that sometimes they're dropping hints on his behalf. So try and get into his friends or hang out with his friends or do something that gets you in his social circle.

I think guys also do pay attention to women even if they're not saying anything. So will you find that if you do pay attention to the small detail - he maybe looks at you a bit more, or talks to you longer than he would talk to most other girls, or is in your personal space a bit more - even if he seems uncomfortable or not necessarily saying how he feels, the fact that he's in your physical space or quite close to you says a lot. Don't be afraid to actually ask him some questions to find out what he likes and to find out if he's even interested or if he's seeing somebody or if he wants to go and do something quite casual.

If a guy is shy, it might be that going straight into a date and saying, "Come and have a drink with me" or "Let's go for dinner" might freak him out. So do something where he can relate to, where he can be himself and just see how he behaves and find out. So talk to as many people as possible.

Start chatting to him. See if he gives you time, that extra time he'd give over other friends and other girlfriends he maybe spends time just hanging out with socially. And also have a look as to whether or not he's in your personal space a lot.

So, those were a couple of tips in terms of trying to find out if a shy guy likes you and if a shy guy is interested in you. .